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Special Thanks to 木之夏のPlus , whose Chinese Translation we based this English translation on.

Roswaal: [Theeen, an agreement has been reached. Nooo objectiooons, right?]

As he spoke, Roswaal clapped his hands and was taken in by the eyes of the audience.

Although the people in this meeting were all powerful and high-ranking dignitaries, it was Roswaal who led the meeting from beginning to end. The title of being the head of the Western Borders is not just for show. Even at the Western Border Leaders meeting where many big names were gathered, he still had been in the leading position.

No one dared to raise any objection to any of his remarks. After scanning the room with satisfaction, Roswaal nodded deeply.

Roswaal: [Wooonderful, thank you all for coming to this meeeeting. I'll be sure to prepare an opportunity for everyone to meet Emilia-sama in persoooon, next time…]

Dignitaries: [...]

In contrast to Roswaal’s smirk, there was a profound silence from the audience. Although their thoughts seem to be complicated, the topic itself has been discussed properly.

Patting her flat chest, Petra accepted that fact with peace of mind.

Petra: [It's finally over.......]

Realizing that she had inadvertently expressed her inner thoughts out loud Petra hastily covered her mouth.

Although it was just a whisper, it was still a disrespectful way of speaking. If people heard this, even if the Emilia camp was not damaged, it would become a source of ridicule.

And on this point, Petra had intended to spend time getting to know the character of these attendees better.

But after traveling for two and a half days, the opportunity for Petra, the maid-in-training to debut, was lost once the meeting began. And accordingly, the waiting time for her debut became even longer, and for Petra's physical sense, it felt as if it’s been many more days.

The meeting between the leaders of the Western Border, which had felt exceptionally long and stressful, had finally come to an end.

Although the most memorable thing from the beginning was Roswaal’s troublesome and problematic behavior, however…

Annerose: [You had a hard time, Petra. That was quite the performance.]

The only person in the room, the only one that Petra can consider to be her friend, is the one who said that, as that person walks towards the relieved Petra, who is at the corner of the meeting room to give her condolences.

A young but elegant noble girl with a delicate blue bun, Annerose.

Petra: [Annerose-sama......]

Turning around towards Annerose who had come over to speak with her, Petra was immediately captivated by her standing. She then realized the fact that she was being questioned, and Petra straightened up in a hurry.

Petra: [Ah, Annerose-sama, you had a hard time too. I'm very sorry for the trouble that Master caused you.]

Annerose: [Eiya, speaking ill of your master, what a bad child you are. ...Although I understand why you want to say that, you shouldn’t say that to anyone else other than me, of course.]

Petra: [Sor.. I'm sorry. Okay, I understand.]

The Annerose’s words brought Petra back to her senses as it eased her.

Hearing Petra's words of reflection, Annerose relaxed her face and said to Clind, the attendant standing beside her,

Annerose: [Oi, Clind. With this being her debut, her performance should be considered effective, right? As a steward, why don't you give Petra some tips on how to serve?]

Clind: [Me...? Understood.]

With a slight nod, the dark blue-haired young attendant gazed at Petra.

He is flawless, it can be said that he is the ideal model for servants, and at the same time, a man whom Petra respected.

However, Frederica, who is more respected, has always resisted contact between Clind and Petra for a long time, the two have never had the opportunity to communicate in-depth.

Petra: [What do you think, Clind-niisama? Have I completed my work well?]

Clind: [As Annerose-sama said, it is passable. Praise. However, there are still many shortcomings that need to be diligently remedied. Diligence.]

Petra: [Yes, I understand.]

Clind: [Frankness is the source of growth. Virtue. Although in the past, Frederica was as likeable as Petra… Pity.]

Lifting his monocle, Clind sighed while looking up towards the sky.

Frederica and Clind's evaluation of each other is tit-for-tat. Although in Petra's view, both of them are excellent and respectable seniors.

Annerose: [Really, you didn't say anything useful... Petra, even that useless attendant of mine has given you a good evaluation.]

Petra: [Thank you, Annerose-sama. And, Clind-niisama.]

Annerose smiled when she heard those words, and then Petra raised her head to look at Clind's face.

Petra: [However, please allow for me to express my opinion. Frederica-neesama is still very cute, even now.]

Clind's eyes widened slightly when he heard Petra's remark. Then, he relaxed the corners of his eyes again and showed a rare soft expression on his always firm face.

Annerose: [Petra, about what happened at the banquet.]

Petra: [Eh, woo... yeah, that thing, I did something disrespectful, I'm very sorry...]

Before the meeting started, at the banquet where the world-renowned chef Dias Lepunzo Elemanso Oplane Fatsbalm VI displayed her talents, Petra did something immature.

Although she was upset and angry at Roswaal, it is understandable why she was scolded for it.

However, in Petra’s eyes, as she was ready to accept admonition, Clind's eyes were soft.

Clind: [I believe that your master should be very happy. What a role model maid you are. Praise.]

With a touch as gentle as the wind, Clind rubbed Petra's little head.


Dias: [Hoho, found you, little girl. It's great to be able to find you before Moi leaves.]

Petra: [...? Dias-san?]

After preparing to return to the mansion, and after waiting for Roswaal to say goodbye to everyone, Petra met Dias, who appeared at the entrance of the hall.

It sounded like she had been looking for Petra, and she let out a "humhum" as she puffed out her flat chest.

Dias: [Moi is glad to be able to see you again, little girl. The blunt remarks that you made at the banquet made Moi feel fired up. Sure enough, using Moi talent on such pretentious fools made it easy for Moi to forget Moi's role as a chef. It’s you who reminded Moi of this.]

Petra: [That, did I really do anything so exaggerated? I just said that Dias-san’s cooking was extremely delicious…]

Dias: [That is very important for cooking!]

Petra: [Yiia!]

Her thunderous shout made Petra's shoulders jump. However, Dias squeezed Petra’s tensed shoulders slightly, her eyes gleaming.

Dias: [No matter what, there is no hope of progress as long as Moi is inert. Moi has travelled a long way to the apex of this road. Therefore, sometimes Moi feels very empty.]

Petra: [Emp, empty…]

Rodriguez: [A single person, walking alone in a wilderness where no other has ever set foot before, it's kind of sad.]

Behind Dias, who was confiding in a low voice, was her assistant, a male cook. Listening to his master's painful confession, he looked as if he didn't know what expression to make. So pitiful.

Then, pretending not to notice the fact that the disciple behind her was depressed, Dias raised her head in a slightly imposing manner.

Dias: [It's because of you, little girl! Your tongue is blunt, and the most important thing about it is that it's cute. How about it, why don't you come with us?]

Petra: [Huh, eh!? Me!?]

The unexpected request made Petra's eyes widen. Dias’ disciple received the same shock and was also dumbfounded and let out a small, "Huh!?"

Facing the reaction of these two people, Dias nodded vigorously.

Dias: [Hmhm, that's it! If you go with us, even the dream of endlessly eating will become a reality. The satisfaction of taste is closely linked to happiness. Little girl, don't you want to understand the taste of happiness? ]

Petra: [That is...... ]

Dias' flowing words touched Petra’s heart.

That's because Petra also understands the meaning of her words. ...Speaking of taste, satisfying the tongue is indeed a kind of happiness.

Therefore, the path that Dias planned to pursue must also be a very remarkable path.

Petra: [But, I'm sorry. I have already decided what I want to do.]

Being invited by a master in a field or something, such glorious opportunities should be rare. However, Petra shook her head at Dias's invitation.

This was not for the disciple behind her who was in tears. Although there is indeed sympathy for his current state, it is very rude not to respond with your own words.

Petra: [I am very happy to be invited by you. The dishes you make are really delicious!]

Dias: [...Really]

For an instant, Dias looked farther down. However, that was really only a momentary matter.

In the next second, she immediately embraced her short arms and laughed.

Dias: [Ha! Moi doesn't mind! What Moi is doing is just a pipe dream after all! Moreover, the bliss of showing people the joy a dish could provide is Moi way, and Moi is already used to walking alone.]

Petra: [Then, the Disciple-san behind you…]

Dias: [Although I missed the opportunity to accept a disciple, listen little girl. Accept this.]

What was readily ignored was Petra's words and the disciple's tears.

Regardless, Dias slipped out a small box from her pocket to give to Petra, while wearing a cheerful expression. Since this slightly warm thing was delivered by the chef that can make the “Divine Dragon” forgetful, there is no doubt that this is food.

Petra: [What’s this?]

Dias: [Little girl, at the banquet, your frank and honest thoughts moved Moi so very much... But, was it really just to make Moi happy?]

She hit the nail on the head. Petra's excessive thoughts at the banquet did contain compliments to Dias, but it had another purpose.

But this chef saw through it clearly, and above that,

Dias: [Moi shall do you a favor. And this is Moi’s gratitude.]

As she said this, she smiled brightly.


Roswaal: [That was a gloriooous invitatiooon. Won't you regret refuuusing it?]

On the return journey, Petra frowned when she looked at Roswaal's mischievous smile sitting opposite of her.

How could he know that Petra and Dias had a conversation when he was obviously not present at that time? Regarding this person, you really can't be careless around him.

While raising her vigilance meaninglessly, Petra responded.

Petra: [That's fine! I have decided to help Emilia-neesama and Subaru. Therefore, I will give up on the dream of becoming the cutest chef in the kingdom.]

Roswaal: [Eiyaya, you gaaave up on a higher level of opportunity than I thooought. Subaru-kun truly is siiinful.]

As he said this, the corners of Roswaal's lips curled up while holding his chin. Petra sighed briefly when she saw the expression that seems to be neither calculated nor intended.

Originally, Petra didn't want to react like this to Roswaal's every move and act fearfully.

Petra: [However, the Master really doesn't let me feel reassured…]

Of course, even if Roswaal has reformed, it is another matter of whether he actually did. Even if he really did reform, Petra could not forgive him for the crimes he committed before reforming.

No matter what, this kind of relationship will always exist. but...

Petra: [Master, I am so grateful that you brought me here on this occasion.]

Roswaal: [...Fufu, interesting. Including this time, I have forced all kinds of unreasonable problems on yooou. I didn't think that you wouldn't complain, but instead be grateful for it.]

Petra: [To say whether there is resentment or not, I really hate the Master enough to wish that you would receive routine misfortune, but it is the truth that I am very happy, both physically and mentally.]

Roswaal: [...]

He closed one of his eyes, and Roswaal looked at Petra with his blue eye. In the gaze of his blue eye, Petra quietly turned her face and looked out the window of the dragon carriage.

During the meeting, Roswaal did impose several unreasonable and difficult problems onto Petra.

The biggest of these was to pass on the matter regarding Emilia to the dignitaries through Petra's lips. Although that incident itself made Petra physically and mentally exhausted, the purpose behind it is not difficult to understand.

Roswaal entrusted Petra with a mission in an unreasonable way.

It gave Petra the feeling that she was deeply involved in the Western Border Leaders meeting.

It was really, really infuriating.

Petra: [Master is truly a despicable person]

Roswaal: [Is it okaaay for you to tell me, your employer, that directly?]

Petra: [It is, because Emilia-sama and Frederica nee-sama would never tell you.]

Therefore, Petra will take this task upon herself. This was Petra's stance all along.

However, because she went with him to this meeting, although she did not want to admit it, it was thanks to Roswaal entrusting the task to Petra, she had felt something real.

By now, Petra finally felt that she had officially become a member of the Emilia camp.

Petra: [So, just this time, I will say thank you to the Master. There won’t be a next time.]

Roswaal: [Oiyaoiiiya, that's a precious oppooortunity that I've just been given blaaandly. Perhaps I should have savored this viiictory in an emotional way?]

Facing Petra, who turned her face away, Roswaal’s throat trembled as he cackled. Petra, who heard Roswaal's words, suddenly screamed "Ah!" as if remembering something.

Petra: [Speaking of which, Dias-san gave me a souvenir.]

Roswaal: [Heeee, she quite likes yooou.]

In front of the wide-eyed Roswaal, Petra opened the parcel given by Dias. Immediately, the fragrance overflowed. Petra was silent.

What was sitting in the middle was a round baked bun that seems as if it would shatter as soon as it is touched

Petra: [Master, you eat too.]

Roswaal: [Petra, didn't I say before…]

Petra: [Even so, please taste it]

Petra wouldn't let Dias’ feelings to be ignored. Overwhelmed by Petra's persistence, Roswaal reached out and took the baked bun.

Then, Petra and Roswaal put the baked bun in their mouths at the same time. In an instant, the fragrance broke through her small nasal cavity and Petra almost burst into tears from the joy of its deliciousness.

How many chances does one have in their life to taste this kind of delicacy? Thinking of it this way, it was indeed a great loss to reject Dias's invitation.

Petra: [...Eh?]

What Petra felt was annihilated into nothing in the next moment.

Roswaal: [...]

Right across from Petra, Roswaal's expression, who also ate the baked bun, changed suddenly. Roswaal's mask that had always shown himself to be calm, was taken off, and he was speechless with his hands covering his lips.

Because he does not have a sense of taste, he can't perceive the taste of Dias's cooking. Roswaal, who had revealed such a secret to Petra, was clearly shocked by the "deliciousness" at this moment.

Roswaal: [...Food not only satisfiiies the tongue, the smell and taste are also one of the satisfaction poiiints.]

Slowly, Roswaal analyzed what had happened to him, and then let out a long sigh of relief.

After carefully figuring out the meaning of this sentence, Petra quickly understood it. ...Sure enough, Dias noticed the fact that Roswaal had no sense of taste.

Moreover, she couldn't bear this fact.

Petra: [Ah!]

Petra couldn't help laughing. Smiling like this, she handed Roswaal the remaining baked bun in the parcel. Seeing this scene, Roswaal's eyes widened in surprise.

How long has he not tasted delicacies?

Watching Roswaal slowly take the baked bun, Petra thought.

...Sure enough, it was great that she participated in this meeting.