Forbidden Library

Welcome to the Forbidden Library. Here you will find PDFs for translations that are in the early stages of development. Do not mistake these for official releases as the contents of these entries are subject to change. The contents of this library are meant for individuals who truly lack patience. After all, why else visit a place that is forbidden?

Quality Guide

  • TR: This marks a thoroughly edited MTL that has yet to be scrutinized by our Japanese Analysts.

  • LR: This marks a lightly edited MTL that was produced within the first 24 hours after a Tappei release.

With the merger of WCT and Heretic you may notice a gap between the first chapter listed here and the last one on the Arc 7 page. All future official Heretic releases can be found on WCT's website under the Heretic Division.

IF Stories

  • Re:Zero Academy Periods 2-4 (School If) PDF WEB EPUB (TR/LR)