As our little group grows we can deliver higher quality translations to you.

Here are our current members.

u/SaphireComet is the original member and founder of Heretic Translations. He contributes in large part to our translations and proofreading.

u/chexyy, u/swan997, Shuxk#8101, and GoldKills#5861 are our dedicated translators. They make sense of the gibberish that comes out of DeepL and Google Translate.

u/Xx_KiK_xX is our translator who specializes in doing Chinese to English translations.

u/-ValcrosS-, I3ladeDragon#0903, SamuelJ#3981, are our proofreaders. They perfect the grammar and readability of what our translators come up with.

u/thevoidzero is our programmer. He automates scripts for our DeepL translations and makes sure that the first thing we work on is high quality and has few mistakes. This ensures that the rest of the processes goes smoother, faster, and outputs a higher quality translation. He also provides for releases to the Forbidden Library

u/underscore26 and Averitius#6250 are our Japanese Analysts. They help to make sure that our translations are correctly translated.

u/invisibledeity manages our server and makes sure our bot stays functional.

Retired members include: u/Stewylouis, u/devam126, u/_xVoid, u/Wasabi554, u/vasheenomed, u/AI_Tori, u/Aehein, UchihaConan#2464, u/LawlessRaptor99, u/Nader1024, dusty_geno#8969, Kyprios#3560, RennyW#7855, and u/InnocentBystander,