Merger with WCT

Hello My Fellow Heretics,

Founder of Heretic Translations, SapphireComet here to provide an important announcement.

Two weeks ago I had mentioned on Twitter that I was having discussions with WCT’s leader Ice. Today I am going to inform you of the results of those discussions.

After having talks with Ice, I am pleased to announce the merger of WCT and Heretic Translations. With this merger, Heretic Translations will become the machine translation arm of WCT, where we will be known as the Heretic Division.

This marks the public announcement of the merger since the merger actually occurred on January 5th, 2022. And by all counts, I would say the merger has been very beneficial to both sides.

With that being said, let me run through what you can expect from Heretic going forward.

  • All of our future official Main Story releases will be released onto the WCT website, they will not be released on the Heretic Website. So do not expect any updates to the Arc 7 page.

  • All future Side Content and If Story Content done by the Heretic Division will be hosted on the Heretic website.

  • Our future official releases will conform to WCT’s styling guide. During Tappei’s release of Arc 7, both groups differed in some regards on how things were translated.

  • The Forbidden Library, as of now, will continue up until the Heretic Division catches up with Tappei. If there is a decision made to stop it earlier than that, it will be made at my discretion.

  • The Spanish branch of Heretic will continue making Arc 6 translations.

Concurrently with the release of this merger the Heretic Divison releases of Chapters 22-28 should be on the WCT official site as of your reading of this. Do expect new releases to come out rather quickly. Heretic did have chapters 29-31 in the proofreading stage at the time of the merger. However, with the merger, there was an emphasis on making changes to chapters 22-28. Asides from chapters 29-31, there has been much work done on chapters 32-44.

I do believe this merger has given new life to Heretic and I am excited to see what we can do to help bring stories from the world of Re:Zero to the English-speaking world.

Thank You All,