Elsa and Meili: Assassin Sisters Diary KILL 3

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...The first time she saw her, the little girl was a spectacle, reeking terribly of blood.

In silence, the child lay on her bottom in a pool of blood in the grassland. Her round eyes were wide open,

and she had sparsely growing, slightly dark blue hair. Characteristic of early childhood, her skin was

faintly florid, covered with mud and filth, and her body clothed in only a shabby, dirty rag.

Rain and dew, feces and urine; filth soiled the thin cloth. With a single glance at her appearance alone, it

was clear that the little child hadn’t been raised in a proper environment; however, the urgency of the

present moment was even more apparent.

...The child’s surroundings were now all smeared with a thick layer of dark blood. Fortunately, the blood

didn’t come from the small child's own body. The large amount of blood that flowed over the grassland

was caused by the blood and fragments of flesh scattered everywhere.

...This region, including the grassland, was an ominous place known for its demon beasts.

Demon beasts were the enemies of mankind, broken creatures that instinctively aimed to kill other living

beings. The danger of demon beasts wasn’t comparable to that of even wild animals, and some of them

even utilized magic. Unlike animals, they couldn’t be domesticated by humans and never be understood.

Therefore, they were deemed the enemies of mankind, and the regions where they lived in herds were

known as demon beast breeding grounds which were inaccessible to humans.

This area had become one of those places since the residents left several years ago. The forest was

inhabited by a large number of demon beasts, and it was said that if anyone weak entered the forest, they

would die. Because of this, it wouldn’t be strange to see dead bodies scattered around a small child, that

was possible scenery. The problem was that all of the flesh and blood scattered about wasn’t that of a

person, but that of demon beasts.

...And it was only one young lady who had done it.

Young lady: "This isn’t the reception I expected... Just so you know, I don't intend to harm you.”

In a grassy field, littered with the corpses of demon beasts, stood a figure looking back at the young child.

She was a tall, fair-skinned girl with long, braided black hair. Appearing to be in her mid-teens, with room

for growth in her recently developed feminine curves, she could bring up the kind of immoral allure that

only the innocence of youth could evoke.

Many men wouldn’t be able to help but inhale in surprise when they gazed into her deep black eyes.

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Her good looks and charming gestures would make any man jump to assumptions and mistake her for a

high-class prostitute if she hadn’t been playing with a vicious knife with both of her hands.

However, the black-haired maiden didn’t value her beauty very much, and the same was true for the

young child facing her.

The little girl, drenched in blood, continued to stare at the young lady responsible for the blood all over

her with a glare full of loathing.

There were no signs of gratitude in the child's eyes for having been rescued from the demon beasts. As it

turned out, the demon beasts were not enemies to the little girl. They weren’t family either, though.

However, they were at least incomparably more compassionate than the young woman who stood before

her eyes. As such, the child's gaze was not friendly, instead remained full of hatred and a strong intent to


Her emotions, too bleak for a child, and her overly vicious eyes, served as clear proof of just how

tumultuous her short life had been.

Many would pity her for her circumstances. But there was no change in the maiden’s expression. She was

devoid of mercy or even a single ounce of empathy.

Both disregarding their first impressions about each other, child and woman faced each other.

Young lady: “Are you angry because I wrecked your home? Then, as I’ve heard out there, you really are

no different than a demon beast. The rumored demon beast queen... but instead, you’re more like a


Little girl: "Fu~uu, fu~uu.”

Young lady: “If you can't talk, maybe you don't understand what I'm saying. I'm afraid I've been ordered

to take you home. So, even if you don't want to, I'll bring you back alive. If you don't resist, I won't have

to hurt you.”

Little girl: "Unh~! Unh~!”

Young lady: "You don't listen. Then, in what way will you formulate your refusal?

The young lady relaxed her lips and tilted her head at the little child, who had been screaming to raise up

a tantrum. Slowly, the maiden’s braid slipped down her pale shoulders, triggering the child to loudly clap

her hands.

...At that moment, as if waiting for the signal, a huge shadow dove into the meadow. Twisted horns,

lion-like features, and a large frame covered with black body hair, the beast pinned the young woman

down into the ground with its claws - known as the Jet Black King of the Forest, it was the fiendish, an

unparalleled demon beast, Guiltylowe.

Young lady: “...Ah!”

It’s roar reverberated and breath blasted the woman head-on, smelling of blood. She gazed in wonderment

at the dreadful appearance of the demon beast, then licked her lips.

Young lady: "You have a very big friend. Wonderful, wonderful.”

The young woman’s demeanor remained unaffected even though there was imminent danger to her life.

The Guiltylowe, irritated, raised its beastly claws overhead and delivered a cleaving strike to the girl with

the intent to end her life.

The girl's skin would be expected to be easily mangled by the overpowering claws armed with enough

sharpness to tear through steel plates.

Young lady: "No, you can't do it like that. Girls need to be treated gently."

Little girl: “~Ahh!”

The demon beast had swung its right paw, that now soared out in the air as the woman smiled. As a

consequence for its pride, the demon beast had lost the tip of its right forelimb; it immediately stopped

underestimating its prey and concentrated all its power against the maiden. In that position, the woman

made a short leap backwards, holding up her blood-soaked knife in a prepared stance.

Young lady: "A body whose size can’t be compared to humans... I'm looking forward to seeing your



...In a forest inhabited by terrifying demon beasts a queen they followed was born.

That rumor was started a few months prior by a peddler who escaped from the forest with his life.

The man testified that after getting lost and entering the forest to avoid the rain, he had been attacked by a

herd of demon beasts with a little girl commanding them. The rumor was laughed off as unbelievable, but

it spread to neighboring villages and was often the topic of idle gossip at drinking parties.

Several months passed without anyone being able to confirm its authenticity.

Young lady: "That's it, right?

As the smiling maiden spoke, the weakening demon beast had already lost most of its vitality. Their fight

was far too one-sided. The woman dodged all the attacks of the enraged, roaring demon beast, and the

body of the monster was chopped up by her blade in return.

Losing its right paw in the beginning had made the demon beast’s odds of victory zero. Its tail, hind legs,

back, and waist were instantly cut by the blade; the last cry it made seemed to be a plea for death.

Of course, there was no way for humans and demon beasts to communicate with each other, and the

Guiltylowes’s cry for a quick death failed to reach the woman. As a result, the demon beast’s life was

played with until the very end.

Young lady: “I wonder if it's the diet or environment that's giving it such a poor color. Or is it something

specific to this one creature? The smell is also terrible, although I'd still like to compare it with the same

species of demon beast... could you call up a different one?”

Asking the child, the maiden probed the belly of the slaughtered demon beast, stabbing its guts with the

tip of her knife. The child didn’t answer. Instead, she simply continued to direct her enduring hatred at the


...Unfortunately, the child possessed no other means of defiance. No matter how shameful its death was,

Guiltylowe was the strongest pawn the child had. Now that it was gone, there was nothing the child could


Young lady: “So, it’s over... that's a shame.”

Receiving silence and loathing as a response, the young lady openly showed her disappointment. Then,

she drew closer to the child, who stiffened. The knife in the woman's hand had taken the lives of nearly

one hundred demon beasts in a short time. There was nothing the child could do to prevent herself from

becoming another taken life.


Little girl: "~Ahh!

Young lady: "Don't worry, I told you I'd bring you home, didn't I? It's not that I'm uninterested in your

insides, but I’m not attracted enough to disobey my orders. Rest assured.”

Little girl: “~Ugh! ~Ughhh!! Uh-~uh~!!”

Young lady: "...It will hurt my feelings if you hate me that much. It takes me a long time to recover from

an emotional blow, you know?"

Held in her arms, the young child desperately struggled to twist and put up resistance. However, the

resistance of a skinny, malnourished child would not be enough to stop the woman.

In the end, caught by the girl and positioned on her back to be carried, the child was left

incomprehensible, limited to voice only inarticulate noises.

Little girl: "Gauhh~, uhh~, uuuuhhhh!!!”

Young lady: “I know you want to kill me, but it's impossible with your strength. Biting the nape of my

neck will only tickle... You should prioritize getting well first.”

The child bit at the pale neck, but her weak jaw could only leave teeth marks behind. Exactly as she

stated, she felt a tickle on her shoulder. Shrugging in resignation, she left the blood-soaked meadow in the

demon beast forest with the child on her back.

Meanwhile, the child continued to set her teeth on the woman’s neck. With endless hatred and an

unquenchable murderous intent in her heart, she tried fervently, with her utmost effort, to chomp out the

woman’s life.

Forever, it would continue as long as she had life...


Little girl: "Ahh...”

Young woman: "What? What's wrong all of a sudden?

Her lips were pressed against the nape of the young woman’s neck; the black-haired woman, Elsa, tilted

her head. The gesture swayed the braid, tickling the girl’s nose, and Meili pulled her head back due to the


“No~thing,” she said to Elsa, who had a curious look on her face.

Meili: “I just remembered. The first time I met you, I was trying to bite you to death like th~is.”

Elsa: “...Oh, that might have happened. But you were so small that you just tickled me like a puppy

playing around.”

Meili: “As a child, I was desperate in my own way. After all, I was convinced I would be violently killed,

since my demon beast-chans were all mass~acred.”

Puffing her cheeks out, she plopped her bottom down on the sofa and hugged her knees. Also relaxing on

the sofa, Elsa shrugged her shoulders in protest.

Elsa: “I thought I told you I wasn’t there to kill you in the beginning.”

Meili: "After slaying so many of my demon beast-chans, who could believe Elsa when you say that? Elsa,

you really haven't changed at all since th~en.”

Elsa: "Now that you mention it, Meili, you’ve changed a lot. When I first met you, you couldn't even talk

properly, but now you can speak so fluently.”

Meili: “You know, Elsa, it’s quite unfair that you don't seem to care about what others are concerned


To Meili’s dissatisfaction, Elsa, once again, had an uncertain expression on her face. The subtleties of the

human heart were lost on Elsa; it was impossible for her to be considerate of the feelings of others.

However, Elsa's words were not wrong. In fact, when she first met Elsa, before she was taken out to

where more humans lived, Meili was like a beast, unable to speak any human language. It's not that she

didn't know, but that she forgot.

A young child who had lived in the wild without the aid of adults. What they would need wasn’t the

ability to speak... but power. And fortunately, that was with Meili from birth.

However, whether it was a blessing or curse, even Meili couldn’t decide.

Meili: “Without this, I might not have gotten Mama’s atten~tion.”

Elsa: “But without it, I wouldn't have come for you. You'd be all alone.”

Meili: “I'm sure the demon beast-chans would have munched me to death before th~at.”

Giggling, "Elsa really is stu~pid,” Meili said as she narrowed her eyes.

Elsa: "Oh my, you have such a dirty mouth. And that’s such a twisted way of thinking about things.”

Meili: "Oh, ye~ah? Well, what other interpretations are th~ere?”

Elsa: "If I didn’t come to pick you up, that means I never would have met you, right? That would be very

lonely for me. Meili, you’re like a sister to me. So that person’s order is not all bad.

Rolling her eyes at the unexpected words, Meili stared at Elsa, stunned. Under that line of sight, Elsa

questioned, “What’s wrong?”, tilting her head, unaware of the reason behind Meili’s reaction.

Meili: "...You met me in such a strange way, and now you're talking like this. Elsa is a very strange girl

after a~ll.”

Elsa: "I'm aware that I'm unusual... and my unusualness is why I’m here. You and I are cut from the same

cloth... just like sisters.”

Meili: "You’re making yourself seem like an idi~ot.”

Spitting that out, Meili turned her head away from her. Elsa’s lips relaxed upon noticing her attitude,

moving her hand to gently reach out and touch Meili’s blue braid.

Elsa: "You've gotten good at braiding. When I first met you, your hair was all over the place.”

Meili: "This is the only thing I could have taught you better... it's about time, Elsa, that you got over your

habit of making me do your hair when we're toge~ther.”

Elsa: "Are you sure? Meili, you’re better at it than me.”

Meili: "If you show your neck to me unprotected, I might bite you to death this ti~me.”

Meili puffed out her cheeks as she let Elsa do her braid.

Elsa: "It's okay. You won't bite me again, right?”

Meili: "Didn’t I just bite you a moment a~go?”

Elsa: "That was just playing around. It’s changed from back then.”

Meili: "... Elsa, have you changed? You don't want to open my belly anymore... do you?”

It was an odd thing to say, even though it was meant to be a retort. Elsa pondered it for a moment and

replied, "That’s right.”

Elsa: "It's not that I'm uninterested in your insides, but they’re not attractive enough to ruin our leisurely

time together. Rest assured."

Meili: "... Huhh, I see. Hm~mm."

Responding to Elsa's answer with indifference, Meili continued to sluggishly speak once again. However,

the distance between the two sitting on the sofa side by side shrank a little, and their idle conversation


If looked at from a distance, one wouldn’t pick up on the bloodlust in the air. It would simply be a very

pleasant, delicate, yet insignificant moment between sisters.