Great Spirit Puck’s Nyan Nyan Sunny Day

Great Spirit Puck’s Nyan Nyan Sunny Day PDF

Special Thanks to 温玥 , whose Chinese Translation we based this English translation on.

???: "Say, Subaru... Let’s stop doing this, okay?"

Subaru: "What are you saying, Little Bunny? If I give up at a time like this, what kind of man would I be?"

???: "I think you should just give up. Also, who are you calling a little bunny?"

This morning there was a tensionless conversation in the Roswaal Mansion.

Slightly lowering their voices, the ones calmly talking are a teenager and a beautiful girl. These two are Natsuki Subaru and Emilia.

The two are currently walking on their tiptoes together in the corridor of the Roswaal mansion, where they reside. There, they are cautiously carrying out a secret operation. ...To be precise, they are currently trailing their target.

Subaru: "It'd be bad if we get found out by our target. Emilia-tan, you have to be as quiet as possible... Also, now that you’ve gotten so close to me, I’ve just found out that you smell really good. Did you put on perfume?"

Emilia: "I did not put any on... After all, I don't think there is a point in doing it, since I think we'll get seen through with our meagre abilities soon."

Subaru: "Nowadays, there’s no one who says ‘meagre abilities’ anymore..."

Emilia: "Subaru!"

After having the same conversation as usual, Emilia showed a rare angry expression. Subaru couldn't help but sigh at how cute her angry face was. At the same time, he glanced at the corridor ahead again...

Subaru: "Ah, shit! We lost the target! Emilia-tan, dashu! Dash stealthily!"

Emilia: "Huh? Huh? Dashu?"

TL Note: Subaru spoke a loaner word, (Dash/Dashu), to Emilia.

Subaru: "It means sprinting stealthily! Watch how I do it, and learn from me!"

Emilia: "This is rather difficult...Wow, Subaru's stealth dashu is amazing."

Subaru, who set off first, demonstrated the stunt of running without making a sound, as Emilia followed in a hurry. She tried desperately to imitate his running style, but the effect was barely effective. Although seeing her efforts was very gratifying, the current priority was to catch up with their target.

Subaru caught a glimpse of a long tail turning the corner and disappearing at the end of the corridor. There was no doubt that the familiar tail belonged to the laid-back and self-contained cat spirit... The target that they were trailing was Puck.

After leaving Emilia's side and flying around the mansion, where did Puck intend to go?

This was a mystery and precisely the goal of Subaru and Emilia's operation to find out... Because completing the investigation of the Great Spirit Puck was a mission that the duo had to accomplish at all costs.

Emilia: "Ah, Subaru! Look, I've learned how to dashu stealthily! Look, it's very quiet!"

Subaru: "You learned so fast?!"

Even if their footsteps were silent, the mission of trailing could not be completed if their conversations were not quiet.

This was exactly the personification of duos in a trailing drama who should re-check the definition of the word “trailing” in dictionaries.


The cause of this incident was an event that occurred during the break period after breakfast this morning.

Most of the incidents in Roswaal’s Mansion were caused by Subaru, usually when everyone in the mansion gathered together for a meal. There is an unspoken rule in Roswaal Mansion; unless there are special circumstances, everyone in the mansion must gather to eat.

This was similar to a loose rule set by ordinary families, however, Subaru rather likes the rules of the Roswaal Mansion. He believed that the more people eating together, the merrier.

In fact, in the process of eating, there were often new discoveries which were also a part of the fun. Whether it’s talking or the carefree mood, they are far from the stereotypical atmosphere of aristocratic mansions, being regarded as a kind of break time.

Most of the questions that Subaru raised during the meal would evolve into an event, but his question this time was rather simple.

That is…

Subaru: "By the way, what was Puck doing when he left Emilia-tan's side?”

After breakfast, in the dining hall, Subaru tilted his head in wonder at his question.

After listening to Subaru, Emilia, who was drinking some tea, exclaimed "Ah?" in surprise. The cat spirit mentioned by Subaru could not be seen in her beautiful silver hair nor on her slender shoulders. That is natural of course, because, just a moment ago, Puck left Emilia's side for some unknown reason and flew out of the dinning room by himself.

Subaru shrugged to Emilia, who widened her eyes and said:

Subaru: "I’m thinking it’s a well known fact that Puck has a contractual relationship with Emilia-tan. He basically stays around Emilia-tan. I already knew that... But occasionally, he does move freely like he does now, right? Does Emilia-tan know what he is doing at times like this?"

Emilia: "When Puck is not with me..."

After listening to Subaru's question, Emilia's expression showed that she had never thought about it.

Perhaps Emilia practicing her policy of non-interference was neither good nor bad. When Puck acted freely, it seemed that her will did not seem to interfere with him.

Subaru: "Anyways, not putting pressure on pets is indeed the secret to their longevity, but I think moderate control is also necessary."

Emilia: "Ah, though what Subaru said is true, are you using Puck to joke around? Puck will get very angry if he hears you, you can't say that."

Hearing that her contracted spirit was treated as a pet, Emilia raised her eyebrows tensely on this rare occasion. Then she raised her finger, pointed to Subaru, and said:

Emilia: "Listen well, Puck is far more well behaved than Subaru can possibly imagine. When he is separated from me, he is probably doing some very amazing things. Puck is like that, always working hard for world peace."

Subaru: "What kind of situation is this super general understanding?! It's like 'Although I don't know what father is doing, he is probably doing great things. That’s the opinion of a child."

When he was a child, Subaru didn't know what his father did, although he had a vague sense of trust. However, now that he’s grown up, he still doesn't quite understand.

In short, it was a job that was enough to support his wife and child. That said, Subaru now believes that even if that was the case, it can still be regarded as an excellent job that’s as amazing as working for world peace.

Subaru: "Anyways, since Emilia-tan doesn't know, then you should work hard and investigate it. And since I don't have anything to do until this afternoon, I’ll follow you and watch."

Emilia: "I think, for such an unfun activity... it's best to not do it."

Subaru: "Once you've started, you can't stop. Be honest, Emilia-tan, you actually are concerned about it a little bit by now, right? Although, I’m not saying that he is doing bad things. However, if he is really working hard for world peace, then we should figure out what he is doing.”

Emilia: "That is... that..."

Subaru: "Let’s figure it out together!"

Emilia: "...Hmmm."

Emilia, who wasn't good at rebutting, was reluctantly persuaded by Subaru.

So, under the influence of various factors, the two rushed out of the dining hall and began trailing Puck.


Fortunately, the two managed to quickly find Puck who had left the dining hall first. Then, the trailing operation began.

However, it is difficult to say that they will be rewarded for their hard labour of investigating Puck. Although sometimes they lost him, the tracking operation itself wasn’t exposed, yet the problem lies in the results of the harvest.

Subaru: "Puck is scratching the wall with his claws. What do you think he is doing…?"

Emilia: "I guess he is investigating the durability of the mansion. He looks around like that to determine whether the mansion is able to protect everyone or not. Truly amazing."

Subaru: "In my opinion, he's just sharpening his claws."

Emilia: "Ah, Subaru, look! Puck is moving quickly! Perhaps he found something?"

Subaru: "Moving quickly into the toilet!? Is it because of that? When cats are excreting, they’ll become particularly excited before and after the excretion. Is this the so-called excretion excitement?”

Editor’s Note: I to was confused when reading about excretion excitement. Then I did some googling.

Emilia: "How could that be... Ah! He rushed out quickly! We're going to lose him!"

Subaru: "He really likes flying around in the mansion, is there anything in the mansion he’s..."

Emilia: "I know! Because of the demon beast incident from before, he must be investigating everywhere to determine whether the barrier is flawed or not. He may also be playing on the safe side and is creating other barriers in secret..."

Subaru: "In my opinion, he is either looking for a place to bask in the sun, or patrolling his territory."

Emilia: "He went into the kitchen!"

Subaru: "He did, it’s probably something very important..."

Emilia: "He asked Rem for a small fish, then came out while eating!"

Subaru: "He's eating extras! He is going to gain weight!"

Emilia: "Is that the problem here?!"

The duo observed Puck in this way. Summing up his actions during this period, it could only be said that he was acting freely... too freely.

To be precise, based solely on the observation results, Puck’s ecology is completely…

Subaru: "A cat... and isn't this a domestic cat that has forgotten it’s instincts?"

Emilia: "I have thought about it before. I don’t think Puck’s claws will grow longer, since he never sharpens his claws. I also think that he doesn't need to use the toilet. Additionally, the only territories he has and needs are my hair and shoulders. Look, Puck isn't weird!"

Subaru: "Whenever you have the opportunity, you try to aggressively refute me."

In general, Emilia will get persuaded by Subaru in most cases. Since this is a family matter after all, she couldn't easily give in.

Although Emilia is still struggling to justify her claim, the reasons she gave do indeed have some truth to them.

After all, Puck's act as a cat is so amazing that Subaru had never once doubted him at all. Nor did he think that Puck, who is a spirit, needed to retain a cat’s habits. As Emilia said, whether he is sharpening his claws or going to the toilet, perhaps there are reasons for it.

Subaru: "However, having extras in the kitchen is pointless."

Emilia: "Ah, perhaps he is using it to save up strength for his next huge project?"

Since Emilia used a questioning tone at the end of her sentence, it meant that she also thought this was an unconvincing opinion.

The statement that "after this, he will have a huge project" is also questionable. If Puck runs to a sunny place, curls up, and starts taking a nap, even Emilia would have to admit that she was wrong. However...

Puck: "...Okay, it's about time."

Puck swallowed the little fish, rubbed his stomach twice, did some after-meal exercise, and softly said something.

He spoke in a low voice with his face looking rather serious from the side. The cat's aura had completely changed.

Subaru: "Could it really be that he has something to do... Could it be that he is fighting for the position of cat boss?"

Emilia: "How could Puck pick fights with stray cats? Puck's territory is on my body, I have already said so."

Subaru: "You accidentally said something lewd. Puck moved, let's go after him."

Puck suddenly flew into the air with a serious expression, seeking out his next target. The two followed his deliberate path.

He checked left and right as he flew, clearly revealing a sense of tension and alertness that he didn't have before. Seeing this change, Subaru and Emilia naturally tensed up.

Puck, who had raised his guard by tensing up his hair, finally arrived in front of a certain room.

After Subaru and Emilia realized what that room was, they could only look at each other in awe.

Subaru: "...That's my room?"

Emilia: "Why is Puck looking for Subaru...?"

Subaru and Emilia stared with widened eyes, then tilted their heads. After observing Puck's behaviors so far, the two have a general understanding of his ecology. So what business does he have with Subaru's room?

Puck silently wrapped his tail around the doorknob and slowly opened the door.

Subaru had a feeling of surprise in his heart as he thought "It turns out that he can open doors with his tail"; although imagining the act of Puck silently running around his room brought an even heavier impact.

Memories of the demon beast commotion from a few days ago naturally popped up in Subaru's mind... He remembered that when the commotion occurred, his complicated relationship with Ram and Rem exploded. The two had suspected Subaru's origins and considered him to be a dangerous individual; so Puck was probably on guard as well...

Emilia: "Subaru..."

Emilia showed a slightly dejected expression and called out to Subaru, whose head was drooping due to his intranquility. After hearing this, Subaru regained his senses then shook his head and forced a smile.

Subaru: "I’m okay. Let's get back to business and confirm it."

Subaru fully prepared himself. Even if Puck suspected him, he would proceed to resolve the misunderstanding.

Just as the misunderstanding between Rem and Ram was successfully resolved, Puck's misunderstanding must also be...

Subaru: "...Huh?"

Subaru held the doorknob and was about to enter the room to talk to Puck. At this time he found that the room was extremely noisy, and he heard the sounds of "sa~sa" within.

Subaru felt that this sound was familiar, and tilted his head wondering what it could be. Yet, even though he was tilting his head and contemplating, he still couldn’t think of what that sound was.


Subaru: "Oi, you useless cat!"

Puck: "Meow?!"

As soon as Subaru barged into the room, Puck, who was messing around on the bed, was taken aback. Puck turned his head with his eyes wide open, only half of his body visible, and the reason was...

...Because he wrapped his body in the plastic bag from the convenience store rustling within the bag, making "sa~sa" sounds.

Subaru: "I was seriously thinking about what you were planning to do! It turned out to be this! You’re just a cat! You are just a cat through and through!"

Puck: "Really, don't scare me! Right now is my personal time."

Subaru: "Speaking of personal, this is my personal room! Why are you playing with other people's convenience store bags? Just because you’re a cat?!”

Subaru's attitude changed suddenly, he roared at Puck, criticizing his laid-back attitude. Then he turned to face Emilia, pointed at Puck, and said:

Subaru: "Look Emilia-tan! This is what he really looks like! Isn't he just a cat?!"

Emilia: "Well, maybe Puck is going to do something big with Subaru's white bag...? I'm sorry, I can't make up anything anymore..."

Subaru: "Emilia-tan finally gave up defending Puck!"

This incident developed into Emilia-tan giving up on defending Puck, and ended abruptly at last.

In the end the final conclusion was determined to be: "When Puck is acting freely, he is extremely free!"

After this incident was resolved, Puck truthfully reported to Emilia what he did during his free time. Seeing this scene, Subaru couldn't help but sigh: It really is necessary to discipline pets.